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Every Year, 1 in 3 Alberta Seniors will Fall

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Anyone, of any age, at any time can fall. Unfortunately, I have personal experience on this topic. I have had a few bad falls in my lifetime and when I look back on them, I realize they all could have been prevented. In fact, just last week I had a slight fall because I was looking down at my phone while walking down the street and not paying attention that there was a dip in the sidewalk. Almost twisted my ankle simply because I thought I could do two things at once.

Falling can be a simple stumble where the only thing you injure is your pride, but it can also be serious enough to change someone's life forever! That is why I am sharing with you tips on how to prevent a fall to commemorate November's Falls Prevention Month.

Falls can happen at anytime and anywhere, that is why it's important to be aware of the types of things that can cause a fall from happening.

Out and About:

  • Now that winter is upon us, use ice grips on your shoes and if applicable, ice picks on the end of your cane or walker.

  • Watch out for wet, smooth or shiny floors in public buildings.

  • Wear proper footwear - a snug fit with non-slip treads.

  • Watch for uneven surfaces, cracks, obstacles, and unmarked curbs.

  • Walk on well-lit sidewalks.

  • Use stairs that have at least one handrail.

  • Avoid jaywalking. Use marked crosswalks so that you are visible to drivers.

  • Keep a bag of sand or cat litter in your vehicle door so you can use it to scatter on a patch of ice before exiting your vehicle in a parking lot.

In the Home:

  • Keep floors and pathways clear of furniture, cords and clutter.

  • Be cautious when moving between different flooring surfaces in your home.

  • Keep stairs free of clutter. Find alternate places in the home to store items.

  • Remove scatter rugs and mats. Use non-slip mats on slippery surfaces like bathroom floors and tubs.

  • Install safety grab bars by your shower, tub and toilet.

  • Ensure you have a light by your bed.

  • Use nightlights and motion sensors in hallways and bathrooms.

If you have had a fall, please talk to your doctor or healthcare provider. For more information on how to prevent falls and keep yourself safe, check out:


Every Year, 1 in 3 Alberta Seniors will Fall


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